About Mitchum's Kitchen

Mitchum’s Kitchen was born out of the COVID-19 doldrums. I had been playing around with a bunch of different ideas using the name… A food line, a show… But nothing had quite jelled. Then, one day in early May 2020, I decided to make a Facebook group where people could come to get away from the virus. Away from politics. Away from their anxiety. A place to focus only on community and food.

Mitchum's Kitchen | Global Community Bound By Love Of Food

Within a few days, we had over 1,000 members and people were excited about participating and sharing their recipes, photos, tips, and lives. It occurred to me that we could broaden the community and offer a place where people could come not only to learn about, share, and discuss everything culinary, but also provide a place where craftspeople could sell their food centric items and people looking to buy unique foods, utensils, clothing, books, home items, and more could come to shop.

Now we are a global community bound together by our love of cuisine! We share our stories, discoveries, and experiences while supporting small businesses and artisans along the way.

Welcome! We know you’ll enjoy it here.

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