We’re in the “dog days” of summer! That means these are the HOTTEST days of the year — which makes it more important than ever to help your furry pal stay hydrated. If your pet spends time outside, they’re at risk of overheating… And indoors, their body temperature can spike with just a nap in their favorite sunny spot. At the very least, the heat can sap your dog or cat’s energy and put them in a bad mood. But not to worry! Today I’ve got a very special treat for your furry best friend. It’s hydrating, health-boosting, and it couldn’t be easier to make. I call it my Bone Broth Slushie. This frozen treat is so tasty and refreshing, your furry pal will be licking their chops! Here’s how to prepare it:
I can’t wait for you to see how much your fur baby loves this! It’s going to be a huge hit. Not only that, but there are TONS of vitamins and minerals they can get from hearty organic bone broth. There’s calcium, of course, but also other nutrients like:
  • Vitamin K, which supports healthy joints
  • Manganese, which can help your furry pal absorb nutrients quickly and easily
  • Collagen and omega-3’s, which are fantastic for skin and coat health
In other words, my Bone Broth Slushie is a triple-whammy treat: It’s refreshing, nutritious, and your pet is going to LOVE the flavor. Now, while you’re working on your furry pal’s slushie… I think you should treat yourself to one, too! Just substitute the bone broth with your favorite healthy fruit juice and follow the recipe above. Then you can BOTH enjoy a yummy late-summer treat together. To you, and your best friend, PS: Have you ever wondered why this time of year is called “the dog days?” Well, it actually goes all the way back to Ancient Rome. During the sunrises and sunsets of late July and August, you can see the brightest star in the Canis Major constellation… Which the Romans called “the Dog Star.” The Dog Star shines SO brightly and appears so close to the sun… They thought it actually gave off heat and made their days hotter! Of course, now we know that’s not true, but the “canine” name has stuck with us through the years… Much like our faithful canine and feline companions 🙂
Dr Marty Goldstein is the pioneer of integrative animal medicine and nutrition. Her is the author of the bestselling book The Nature of Animal Healing and the upcoming The Spirit of Animal Healing (February 2021). He is the subject of the critically acclaimed documentary The Dog Doc directed by award winning filmmaker Cindy Meehl.